Mad Men Challenge [2/8 Characters]

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If you’re going to do anything creative for a living the hardest and the most important piece of advice you need to get is that you have to be doing it because you love doing it and you have to anticipate and become comfortable with the possibility of doing it in vain with no reward for your entire life. Picture a future where you have spent decades doing it in complete darkness and silence with no one responding to it and ask yourself whether to not when you get hit by a bus by the end of that you’re going to die thinking ‘I blew it’ or if you’re going to die thinking ‘at least I did what I loved’ and if the answer is the latter, keep doing it. It probably won’t happen to you because if you do feel that way the you probably will eventually find people that are looking for what you’re doing.

The second piece of advice is figure out what you love, figure out who you are and scream in your voice, from your rooftop and wait for people who want to hear you to find you. Don’t continually change who you are in an attempt to succeed in wrangling an audience. Just plant your feet and do what you want to do more than anything in the world because that’s what you’re going to be good at and that’s what people are going to want to watch you do.

I think as any artist, as anybody who makes any thing, even if you’re making chairs out of wood or walls out of brick your job is to leave this world with your impression of it. Your job is to remove the top of your head and push something onto the top of your brain that will leave an image of it on it so that when you go away there’s some record that this is how you perceived the world and specifically you. That’s your only job, that’s the hardest job, that’s the easiest job. Whether you’re a stand up, a writer, a carpenter, I really think you just have to be as honest and transparent about how you view the world as possible.

Dan Harmon (when asked for advice for people starting off in comedy)

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